User-Friendly Security Solutions for Grid Environments

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Launch of new the Journal for Computational Science (JOC) call for participation more...


Project Publications

A journal article entitled " Unstable Periodic Orbits in Weak Turbulenc " has been published in the International Journal of Computational Science 2010 more..

A paper entitled " Audited Credential Delegation: a Sensible Approach to Grid Authentication " has been published in the 5th IEEE e-Science Workshops 2009 more..


This EPSRC-funded project runs for three years, from 2006 to 2009. It aims to provide lightweight and usable security solutions for computational grid environments. In this context, we use the term "lightweight" to mean that the solution is easy to deploy in a scalable fashion, is easy to maintain, and is not overly complex for the administrator or users to understand and use. We use the term "usable" to mean that the user (subjectively) feels that the software has successfully fulfilled their requirements for that software -- this includes considerations such as ease of use, the gradient of the learning curve, the extent to which the software supports the user's model of how it should be used, etc.



The User-Friendly project is a collaboration between distinguished teams of physical scientists, security sepcialists, computer scientists and software engineers.


The Principal Investigator on this grant is Professor P.V. Coveney, Centre for Computational Science, University College London.

The Programme Management Assistant is Nilufer Betik (n.betik at

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