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The TeraGyroid Project

TeraGyroid: Grid-based lattice-Boltzmann simulations of defect dynamics in amphiphilic liquid crystals

The TeraGyroid project coupled cutting-edge grid technologies, high-performance computing, visualisation and computational steering capabiltities to produce a major leap forward in soft condensed matter simulation. This ambitious project was the result of an international collaboration linking the USA's TeraGrid and the UK's eScience Grid, jointly funded by the NSF and EPSRC. Trans-Atlantic optical bandwidth was supported by British Telecommunications.

The EPSRC report on TeraGyroid my be seen here PDF/ HTML.


The project featured the world's largest Lattice Boltzmann simulation.
The TeraGyroid project was showcased on the exhibition floor of Supercomputing 2003 and in the SC Global programme.
"TRICEPS" (Transcontinental RealityGrids for Interactive Collaborative Exploration of Parameter Space), one aspect of the TeraGyroid project, won the award for "Most Innovative Data-Intensive Application" in the HPC Challenge competition at SC'03.
The recorded video stream of the TeraGyroid presentation can be viewed here (Windows Media Player ASF stream).
The information flyer distributed at SC03 can be found here.
TeraGyroid also received a 2004 ISC (International Supercomputer Conference) award, the major supercomputing award in Europe, for Integrated Data and Information Management.


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